About Us

If food is the language of love, then Shuswap Food Services, helmed by Clayton Beadle and Lazara Rodriguez, crafts sonnets for every palate.

Clayton Beadle: The Culinary Maestro
A seasoned chef with a stellar career span of over 20 years, Clayton has graced the kitchens of the esteemed Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts in diverse locations – from the snow-clad peaks of Whistler, British Columbia, to the bustling heart of Houston, Texas, and the scenic landscapes of Jackson Hole, Wyoming. His diverse experiences range from serving gourmet meals atop glaciers via helicopter to crafting bespoke experiences in luxury homes. Each dish he presents is a testament to his expertise and passion, reflecting the finest nuances of the places he's worked and the cultures he's been immersed in.

Lazara Rodriguez: The Heart Behind the Service
A fiery Cuban spirit coupled with the warmth of a Canadian embrace – that’s Lazara for you. With a decade of experience in the restaurant and client care domain, she brings to the table an unmatched expertise in ensuring customer delight. Her illustrious career has seen her work closely with seniors in independent living homes and with Interior Health, which underscores her commitment to combining nourishment with care. It’s not just about serving food; it's about serving experiences, and Lazara's keen eye for detail ensures that every element is impeccable.

Together, the duo of Clayton and Lazara promises a culinary journey that is both indulgent and heartwarming. Shuswap Food Services isn’t just about food – it's about memories, moments, and the magic that happens when dedication meets passion. As they like to say, let them be a part of your next event, and they will ensure it's an affair to remember.